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Here at Probate Ireland we promise that you will get a reliable, friendly, efficient and above all personal service. When you phone you will not be faced with an answering service asking you to press one for this and twenty seven for that. If you leave a message out of hours you will get a call back. We promise you prompt attention to your work from start to finish.

We are committed to the use of jargon-free language, avoiding (wherever possible) the hereinbefores and the hereinafters. We also always conduct an assessment of the required work prior to starting on any project. This allows us to give you an indication of the required steps to be taken and the time investment likely to be involved in order to carry out the legal work you ask us to do.

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Our Core Values & What We Believe

Probate Ireland are totally committed to excellent client care.
We do our utmost to ensure a quality service to all our clients.
We feel that these core values describe our day to day dealings with all of our clients.

Probate Ireland will keep you informed of the progress of your affairs on an ongoing basis. Where information is not immediately available we will send you an interim reply. Probate Ireland will respond quickly to all of your letters and telephone calls. We will inform you of any developments which will significantly affect your transaction with us.

Probate Ireland will observe the utmost confidentiality with regard to your affairs.

Probate Ireland will be courteous in all our dealings with you and treat you with the utmost respect.

Probate Ireland will give you clear information in writing about our own and other charges in accordance with legislation.

The moment you, our client, agree instructions with Probate Ireland – We will progress your affairs efficiently and promptly.

Probate Ireland will always explain your legal options in plain English and also outline the procedures involved. We will do this in a clear manner that will assist you make the best decision about your affairs.