Commercial Services – Probate Ireland

Contract Based Disputes

Probate Ireland offers a case-management aided system for dealing with contract based disputes and the recovery of commercial debts within the jurisdiction of the Dublin courts.

This service is provided for a select number of clients to whom Paul Brennan is a position to offer personal attention with case monitoring and reporting in accordance with their individual needs.

Please note however that Paul is not able to offer this type of service on a one off basis.

Management Companies

Companies and committees who look after the common areas of apartment blocks and private developments need to have a systematic approach to accounts in order to maintain the essential balance between their income and their expenditure.

They must keep careful watch to ensure that the contributions and service charges payable by the individual owners are received on time.

The proper maintenance of the common services requires that cash flow be maintained and there is the potential for chaos if one years contribution is allowed drift into another and yet another.

Paul’s case-management system provides an efficient means of dealing with the problem of arrears recoveries on service charges accounts.

This service is provided for a number of clients for whom Paul provides advice and personal attention with case monitoring and regular reporting in accordance with their requirements. This following an initial meeting at which the potential problems of the indvidual clients are examined and a plan of action devised.